Finally their rage was unleashed in a wave of fury. The dawn of death Moochie.

The priests knew exactly how to manipulate the Moochies and make their inner rage grow stronger. 

The origin of Moochie

Moochies were a very peaceful race before the war began. They spent time most of their time sleeping on clouds or holding big sticks. 

Without the Moochies even the killer robots lost their will to live.

The Moocies grew tired of the Priests’ orders and rebelled by eating copious amounts of junk food - growing fat and lifeless. 

The dawn of Moochies was upon the world. They ransacked the earth as they tore through valleys and lands - killing men and eating young. All by the orders of the skinny priests. 

Long, long ago the anorexic community of Uku priests prayed to their gerbil god for the most deadliest creation to be … created. Finally, the gerbil god granted their prayers and delivered unto them the moochie creature from the depths of gerbil godland.